Pluto in context : the big eighty eight

March 30, 2007

Check this out : a web developer in Boston has made a stunning image of all eighty eight objects in the Solar System bigger than 200 miles across. (Miles ??!!??? Well, I guess that’s America for you …) . Pluto is number eighteen.

So .. wanna pick out a handful and give them a special name ? How about eardstapa ? (Anglo-Saxon for Wanderer). Maybe some of us will pick eight eardstapas and some will pick nine, and we can have jolly interesting reasons for why something ought to be an eardstapa, or not. The nine-eardstapa camp can start an internet petition, and the eight-eardstapa people can get a motion passed at an Assembly of Very Important People.

Planet is a word, people. Take a look at the Universe.