Elvis and Princess Diana : suspicions grow

Coo. Weird. Several more people have actually read my wacky post about Princess Diana, Elvis and the Dinosaurs. And it seems I am not alone in my suspicions about Elvis and Princess Diana being strangely connected. Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary Diana memorial concert. Yuch. But to a close approximation it is also the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis. There are many other spooky coincidences, explained in a wonderful web page called “Elvis lives, Princess Dies“. Elsewhere, Wakeme2008 says he has seen Princess Diana and Elvis together in Starbucks, and Jenny Kim is keen to know if they have been seen hanging out together at Walmart. This deep connection has also inspired Great Art.

A London Tourist web site, LondonNet, is encouraging readers to submit
their Diana conspiracy theories
. Waddya think?

Jeez. I’ve been working too hard.

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