New theme, de-tagging, tiddlers

Obviously going through a mid-blog crisis. Decided to have a makeover. Luckily here at WordPress Central, this is a drink on a stick, as they have a whole bunch of pre-made themes to pick from. This one is called “Contempt”. This ought to be the name of a theme used by an arrogant twenty something, but it looks ok, so it is being put into action by your friendly neighbourhood fifty something. If you spot me doing that comb-over thing, please take me out and shoot me.

Next up is de-tagging, or rather de-categorisation. A short while back I whinged about bloggers overtagging. Now those nice WordPress folk have admitted they had confused tags and categories, and actually we can have both. (I do like Matt’s Hat.) Sooooo….. I guess I am going to go back over all my posts and categorise them properly into a mere handful of categories, and also add free-form tags. Life will be briefly a pain in the arse and then will make more sense.

I would have done this yesterday, but spent the whole evening playing with TiddlyWiki. This is absolutely fantastic. Its one of of a new breed of “personal wikis” which run on the client rather than a server, and so can be used as an interlinked note taking system. It is entirely self contained inside a single html file, containing the javascript to make it work as well as the user content, and so only needs a standard web browser to work. You can even take your wiki with you on your USB stick, plug it into the nearest PC, and carry on working. Finally, rather than being made up of several pages, it is made up of distinct snippets called “tiddlers”, which are assembled on a single page which grows and shrinks as you open and close the tiddlers. Its very intuitive. Basically its Hypercard for the web. Brilliant. Furthermore there are lots of examples on the web, which you download as templates and just start editing. I have been using “Twiddly Wiki for the rest of us

Yes I know trendy young things have known about this for two years, but hey I still got my own teeth.

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