More than coincidence ?

This flaming pope thing has been all over the internut, including at Ye Bad Astronomer, but I suddenly twigged what it was reminding me of…

Exhibit A : Pope John Paul II seen at bonfire :

flaming pope

Exhibit B : One of my favourite Kliban cartoons :

angled saxophone - kliban

This one is from “Never eat anything bigger than your head”. Kliban died some while back, but his ghost inhabits Larson and Baxter. In memory of Kliban, go buy the book, second hand, or new. Here is a fan-site with more pictures..

2 Responses to More than coincidence ?

  1. Ben Hall says:

    Yes! I found three of those Kliban books in a cut-price book shop back in the 1980’s and bought them without having heard of him before. I seem to remember photocopying the ‘angled saxophone’ and putting it on the wall of the archaeology department where I later studied. He really was great. I like his wordplay. An innocent phrase would inspire a quirky image. He was a literate cartoonist.

  2. […] than coincidence ? Part II Some weeks back I drew to your attention (along with about three thousand other bloggers) to the eery appearance of the […]

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