Santa and Dr Strangelove

Now this is weird. I was just doing some Christmas shopping on YeOne of Santa’s wee experiments Olde Internet, when I came across just the cutest web site which tracks Santa on his way around the world … and gee… its run by our friends at the North American Aerospace Defense Command !! Well God Bless America.

If only Peter Sellers and Stanley Kubrick were still alive. Wouldn’t this make a great sequel to Dr Strangelove ?

2 Responses to Santa and Dr Strangelove

  1. Nick Cross says:

    Well of course they have to track him. He comes in fast from over the pole. When they install the new missile defense shield, it won’t just be Rudolph’s nose which will be red.

  2. Ross Collins says:

    NORAD have been tracking Santa since 1955, so I’d hope that Kubrick et al. were of aware of this:

    (credit to John Taylor for pointing me to this Google Blog entry)

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