Good Times, Bad Times

December 10, 2007

The title is of course inspired by tonights historic Led Zeppelin re-union concert.. but really I am thinking of the fascinatingly diverse press releases we will see tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday .. I am posting late Monday). On the one hand, DIUS (Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills) is holding an event in Westminster to launch the new science budget – good news ! Even more money than ever for Science ! On the other, the Royal Astronomical Society and a collection of eminent Particle Physicists are issuing press releases that basically say “Panic ! Scandal ! British Physics in crisis !”. What I can tell you is that in the middle of last week most Universities in the land were informally asked by STFC “How would you cope if grants were cut by 25% ? OK, how about 40% ?”.

ooooooohhhhhh dearrrr….