Physics Crisis Hots Up

December 20, 2007

Here is a miscellany of recent developments.

(i) A petition to the Prime Minister has been launched. Please do join in. As I write, it has 6503 signatures, and seems to the 35th most popular petition currently active. This is is only slightly devalued by the fact that No. 6 is “Make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister”

(ii) I have written to my local MP, Nigel Griffiths. In this letter, I have tried to sum up as sanely but as forcefully as possible what I think the issues are. (Several commenters on my blog have been rather more inflammatory than I believe is fair… the letter sums up my attitude).

(iii) A Save Astronomy web site has been started. This is well written and accurate. No idea who did it ! It includes a link to a web page for sending a message to various elected representatives, and another form to let them know you have sent something.