Physics Crisis Hots Up

Here is a miscellany of recent developments.

(i) A petition to the Prime Minister has been launched. Please do join in. As I write, it has 6503 signatures, and seems to the 35th most popular petition currently active. This is is only slightly devalued by the fact that No. 6 is “Make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister”

(ii) I have written to my local MP, Nigel Griffiths. In this letter, I have tried to sum up as sanely but as forcefully as possible what I think the issues are. (Several commenters on my blog have been rather more inflammatory than I believe is fair… the letter sums up my attitude).

(iii) A Save Astronomy web site has been started. This is well written and accurate. No idea who did it ! It includes a link to a web page for sending a message to various elected representatives, and another form to let them know you have sent something.

3 Responses to Physics Crisis Hots Up

  1. Peter Williams says:

    Bravo Andy! Many of us at Daresbury have done the same. We also have a few ideas for a “Save World Class science at Daresbury ” campaign.

    there is going to be an evidence session of the DIUS sommons select committee on Jan 21st (i think). Look at the parliament website. The IOP and RAS are giving evidence, followed by STFC and RCUK. We need to get the committee to ask the “right” questions. they can lie to us, but if they lie to them – it’s perjury.

  2. andyxl says:

    By the way, Steven Hawking has signed up, and I hear that Peter Higgs is intending to sign soon as well. (Peter hides away in New Town, but he still has some old chums here !)

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