More than coincidence ? Part II

January 30, 2008

Some weeks back I drew to your attention (along with about three thousand other bloggers) to the eery appearance of the previous Pope in a bonfire, and the spooky similarities between Anglo-Saxons and Angled Saxophones. A few days back I reported Omar Almaini’s contention that Keef Mason is actually Chas from Chas and Dave. For the avoidance of doubt, I present the evidence:

Keith Mason with astronomical chums

Chas from Chas and Dave

It now seems that Omar’s detective juices are continuing to flow; he has discovered that our hero Brain Cox and the apparently inferior crooner James Blunt are actually the same person. See for yourself:

reamboat Brain Cox

Crooner and Military Superhero James Blunt

Well I needed cheering up. I’ve got a cold and the STFC cuts are getting me down. There is an upside. Since converting my blog into astro-politics, the readership has zoomed up. Monday I broke a thousand page views on one day for the first time ever. The wordpress stats are not that sophisticated so I have no idea if this is a thousand people or five nutters looking at their favourite bits again and again and again and again. Probably somewhere logarithmically in between.

Omar Almaini is eighty three.