Universal Understanding

I have been having a clearout this weekend and found a pile of last year’s Christmas Cards on a shelf. (I am talking 2006 here..) Now one weird thing about being Head of School is that I get a whole bunch of scientific-corporate xmas cards. I get a card from two different bits of ESO, one from JAC, one from the Principal, one from companies I bought a lot of computers from, and this year even one from AWE (don’t ask). But some cards from 2006 suddenly seemed evocative of a lost era – the last ever card from CCLRC, and the last ever card from PPARC. The latter says “Five Supernovas, Four Ghostly Neutrinos, Three Solar Orbiters, Two Sub-atomic particles, ONE BIG BANG”. I get the joke, but it doesn’t scan, and it doesn’t quite make sense ..

But saddest all is my card from the Gemini Observatory. It says “Best Wishes for a Season of Universal Understanding”.

Yeah, right.

4 Responses to Universal Understanding

  1. Alec says:

    THREE Solar Orbiters!!!??? Can we still hold STFC to that? It’s the only item of the five that looks like a policy statement.

  2. andyxl says:

    Alec – it was the four neutrinos that impressed me. Surely there are only three ? The entire Standard Model is wrong. Nobel Prize on the way I guess. That will make DIUS take notice !

  3. Nick Cross says:

    Was the 4th neutrino the sterile neutrino?
    And that was PPARC, who it turns out were pretty good with numbers.

  4. Alec says:

    the neutrinos passed me by, Andy. I assumed that was a count rate rather than a number of flavours. Four counts per annum is about right for those experiments, isn’t it?

    I guess four solar orbiters was just a step too far.

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