Luckily ….

June 9, 2008

The comment stream on this blog has been better than the actual blog for some time. This is nice to see for three reasons. First, people really do have interesting and/or funny things to say. Second, its just so Web 2.0. Third, I feel slightly less of a vain twat. Slightly.

Anyway, today I shall just hand straight over. You know that luckily-unluckily game that kids play ? You take turns improvising along these lines ..

“A man fell out of an airplane. Luckily, he had his parachute.”

“Unluckily, the parachute didn’t open.”

“Luckily, he fell into a bush.”

“Unluckily, it was a gorse bush”

and so on.

So… I’ll start.

“The STFC were nervous about the Comprehensive Spending Review. Luckily, they were given a 13.6% increase in their budget.”

…over to you