Gamma Ray Twitter

I have never really seen the point of Twitter. (“I’m eating a sandwich”. “Now I’m putting the plate in the dishwasher”. ) Likewise, on that FaceBook “Current Status” thing, I just can’t resist the feeling that the only logical thing to type in is “On Facebook wasting time”.

But today I have really enjoyed a Twitter site. I have been following the Bad Astronomer’s Twitter site on the launch of GLAST, and somehow it was all quite exciting …

We haven’t been short of gamma rays over the last few years – INTEGRAL and SWIFT have done fantastic stuff – but GLAST is much higher energy and really big. It is going to be exciting.

The BA has written several posts about GLAST recently, eg here, and here.

Here are some good gamma ray links :

The Stanford GLAST site
The ESA Integral site
The Integral Data Centre (Geneva)
The Southampton Integral pages
The SWIFT Operations Centre at Penn State
The UK SWIFT Science Data Center (Leicester)

6 Responses to Gamma Ray Twitter

  1. Stephen says:

    Been following the BA. Saw him in person recently. Very cool.

  2. For another interesting use of twitter, have a look at the Phoenix landers page –

  3. Malte says:

    Has somebody connected the GCN circulars to Twitter? Swift? It’s like built for following GRB developments – I just added GRBlog to my Jaiku thingy, that should work just as well.

  4. Stuart says:

    There is an eSTAR alerts feed at

  5. Nimish Batra says:

    Now following BadAs.

    Thanks for the headsup!

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