Apple meta mania

So there I was driving down University Ave, exploring Palo Alto, when I saw a line of young folk snaking round the corner. I thought I had discovered the downtown movie theatre. But no. It was the Apple Store. They were all desperate for their new 3G iPhones. Curious thing, the iPhone. Mostly I find myself thinking “wuh ? its only a PHONE”. I don’t even own a mobile phone. Hey, either you send an email or you meet someone. But there is another me somewhere inside who is inching out and saying “want… want … want …”. Why is this ???

There is clearly a mania about the mania. Every newspaper I see or TV channel I tune in to is going on about iPhone mania even more than about iPhones. The story has become its own story. (Didn’t Marshall McLuhan say that ? Or was it Andy Warhol ?) Perhaps I can start a craze for stories about the stories about the craze ?

Any iPhone-o-clasts out there ?

5 Responses to Apple meta mania

  1. Rob Ivison says:

    no iphoneoclasts here… i yearn for one so much that i convinced myself that £700 over 18 months was perfectly reasonable for a snazzy bit of plastic, that another £70 for .Mac membership was okay, that the recent failure of the iSync utility wasn’t the end of the world, that being tied to a single carrier (02) was tolerable, and that £135 of insurance over 18 months was fair enough.

    my wallet is thus thankful that they sold out in Edinburgh, hundreds of them, within 2 hours.

  2. Vinay says:

    Lemme tellya. As someone who got a 1st gen unit when he wasn’t expecting it (as a gift), I now cannot imagine what I used to do before. It is like the big black monolith in 2001. It makes you evolve. Well, by only a little bit I suppose, because it is only a little black monolith.

  3. Dan says:

    Only things that are a disadvantage make you evolve, don’t they?

  4. andyxl says:

    Nope. Think Peacock. The bird, not the cosmologist. The more splendid the plumage, the more gene copies you pass on. Maybe that does apply to John ?

  5. Rob Ivison says:

    the replacement for .Mac is called MobileMe and yesterday, after 2 days of problems for Apple, it was available. it is the most splendid peacock you ever saw. it is phenomenal. if you questioned your move to a Mac, Andy, now’s the time to rejoice.

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