Reset : three questions

October 14, 2008

The comment thread on the “taking stock” post is getting so long I am getting tired of scrolling down. Shall we just re-start ? Meanwhile Sean Carroll leveraged my “Hollywood and Vine” post concept, but his post is getting all the comments !! (OK, he had a nice picture and a better title…)  Then there’s Peter Coles. He discovered my blog and told about his, but I shall go and sulk in a corner, cos Peter has renamed me The Egregious Professor of Astronomy. (Peter has a much better story about his Encounter with the Kansas Police. He has also argued that our new 5% academic pay rise is just going to make the grants cuts worse…) Thank goodness for Dave S and his polite banter.

So ….

Q1 : Does a good astronomy programme need both hemispheres ?

Q2 : Are we overproducing Astronomy PhDs ?

Q3 : Is the academic 5% pay rise good or bad for British Astronomy ?