Big Island Bloggers

April 19, 2009

The skies are clearing on Mauna Kea … I am getting some good data on UKIDSS at last. While those twenty minute queued observations are trundling along, I have been catching up on local blogs. There are quite a few blogs on the Big Island, but I have found three astro blogs. The first is A Pacific View which is already in my More Astro Blog Links page. The second is A Darker View .  The third  is Adventures in a lightroom . His pseudonym is Mirmilant, but I think this is another UKIRT staffer, Antonio Chrysostomou. All of these blogs have great photos, but Mirmilant’s are absolutely stunning, and he has another web site with a gallery of photos. Check it out. Jeez, I wish I could do that.

Is there something in the Hawaiian water that turns people into photographers ?