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The skies are clearing on Mauna Kea … I am getting some good data on UKIDSS at last. While those twenty minute queued observations are trundling along, I have been catching up on local blogs. There are quite a few blogs on the Big Island, but I have found three astro blogs. The first is A Pacific View which is already in my More Astro Blog Links page. The second is A Darker View .  The third  is Adventures in a lightroom . His pseudonym is Mirmilant, but I think this is another UKIRT staffer, Antonio Chrysostomou. All of these blogs have great photos, but Mirmilant’s are absolutely stunning, and he has another web site with a gallery of photos. Check it out. Jeez, I wish I could do that.

Is there something in the Hawaiian water that turns people into photographers ?

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  1. Kav says:

    Andy, obviously it might be no big deal in this specific case (I have not trawled the website to check) but generally it is really bad form to ‘out’ someone who blogs under a pseudonym. Like I said, it may be no big deal to Mirmilant, but often better to check first.

    I spent my (slightly delayed honeymoon) in Hawaii back in 2004. very happy two weeks. Lots to do and see on the big island, highly recommend it for others.

  2. Kav says:

    ah, doesn’t matter, just came across the name anyway on a linked-to page

  3. andyxl says:

    Whats a linked-to page ? Anyhoo, good point. I have made this mistake before but won’t say where or it amplifies the error. But I can’t get used to the idea of saying “listen to me world !!!” anonymously. I tend to assume that people assume that others aren’t interested in their identities, rather than wanting to stay secret. I don’t understand why you’d want to be secret unless you were saying rude things about your boss. But … I guess its not up to me, so you are right I should probably be more careful.

  4. Kav says:

    Sometimes its just an effort to keep things separate. I started out as anonymous but have since moved to pseudo-anonymity. My blog was originally political/life observations (at least that was the intent) but my choice of subject matter in the past couple of years sank that somewhat. I keep work webpages and if someone is looking for me and what I do I would rather they went there than to my blog which, in the great scheme of things, is less important.

    Of course sometimes you do want to vent and complain about your boss or someone else in a position of relative authority over you. It might not be rude and would probably be an honest description of something but it might cause that person (even if unnamed themselves) to want retribution. This may sound far-fetched and paranoid, sadly its not.

    ‘linked-to’ in this context just meant it wasn’t on his site but it was another site owned by him

  5. Tom says:

    I think Ant might be a little surprised to find himself described as a “UKIRT staffer”! Anyway, you’re one of the fortunate few to get any data at all for the last month or two, and despite a clear sky tonight, I suspect the wind’ll get you. It’s just been a terrible few months in terms of summit weather.

    As for the photography, there are simply a lot of nice pictures to take here!

  6. andyxl says:

    Oops, I have UKIRT on the brain of course. Right now the wind is 51 so yup we is closed despite clear sky. Very frustrating…

  7. Andrew says:

    How can you not take great pictures here when there is so much to photograph. Island scenery, vibrant life beneath the waves and a beautiful dark sky!

    Hope the weather improves for you. I know, while I was online to check the status of some dewars at the summit I glanced at the weather. But I can wish you the best anyway.

  8. Andrew says:

    UKIRT may be closed, but Keck is open, just talked to the K2 operator. There is an advantage to the slightly lower site sometimes. The wind is still gusting pretty good so I can get the secondary wind-shake data we have been trying to get for a few weeks.

  9. mirmilant says:

    Thanks mate!!

    Seriously, no worries. The mirmilant tag is just a bit of fun and I often give myself away when I sign off on a comment anyway (as Pacific View can attest to!). Prize to anyone who can guess its origin….

    Thanks for the compliments, I’m humbled (…a bit..). It is not difficult to feel creatively inspired on these islands. Andrew’s – sorry… Darker View’s underwater images I am really envious of.

    Oh yeah, and it’s JCMT not UKIRT, although I did used to work at UKIRT in days gone by. These are both fantastic telescopes not least because of the fantastic and dedicated people that work there.


    – doh! dun it again…

  10. andyxl says:

    I just think of the Joint Astronomy Centre as one big happy family of course.

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