Consultation pile-up

June 26, 2009

Got an email today about the consultation being held by the Far Universe Advisory Panel. I find the acronym FUAP somehow unsettling. Its like a pastiche of Dr Johnson. “I say to you sir, FUAP !” Anyhoo. I see the Nichol has set up his own FUAP website in Portsmouth, and the official STFC advisory panels page says “nothing to do with us gov”. Seems any ole fule can set up a wiki these days. Not that Bob Nichol is any ole fule. Force of Nature our Bob.

[Yet another Google advert : it really is easy. Forget twiki and mediawiki and Trac and all that. Just check out Google Sites ]

The consultations are piling up. Just keep filling in those questionnaires, and we will reach astronomical heaven, like the giants of old piling Pelion upon Ossa.

Near University Advisory Panel : blew it. Deadline was June 5th.

Ground Based Facilities Review Town Meeting : July 9th

Far Universe Advisory Panel questionnaire : July 10th

Particle Astrophysics Advisory Panel questionnaire : July 10th

Ground Based Facilities Review questionnaire : July 31st

There is also a website for the Particle Physics Advisory Panel, but it doesn’t seem to have a questionnaire. Somehow, particle physicists just mysteriously know what they are doing. The Nuclear Physics Advisory Panel doesn’t seem to have a website. Maybe they know what they are doing and there is no need for anybody else to know.

Earlier today I bumped into to a member of FUAP, who described the consultation as “our bargain basement version of the decadal survey”. One obvious difference is that our consultations are fixed format questionnaires. (“Do you beat your wife (a) every day (b) once per week or (c) only when necessary ?”). No unsolicited white papers here thank you.