Sex Lives of Famous Astronomers

Ha. That got your attention.

Well, my last post, a profound analysis of the links between Linux and anarcho-syndicalist communes, got the lowest readership for weeks. Right. Now I ‘ve got you, I need to explain my firm views on certain procedural subtleties in last year’s Research Assessment Exercise. It seems … where are you going ? Sit down. As I was saying, procedural subtleties. My analysis shows beyond any doubt, with only a slight adjustment of the prior, that the connection between … what are you doing now ? What do you mean, was that the door ?  Look, at least I don’t give you long essays about my cat’s diseases and how impressed I was when I met the Welsh President at Gary Linneker’s latest opera. Just show some patience. According to information on the DBIS website, you can see that … hang on whats that smell ? I think my dinner is burning.

5 Responses to Sex Lives of Famous Astronomers

  1. telescoper says:

    Does he mean me?

  2. Mrs Trellis says:

    Dear DH Lawrence,

    I think it would clearly be wrong to adjust the Prior. He’s clearly the best choice for wicket keeper.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs Trellis

  3. Michael Merrifield says:

    Ha. That got your attention.

    Caused nightmares, more like! Some things it is just best not to think about.

  4. “Astronomers do it in the dark” read an old bumper sticker. Better than “lawyers do it in their briefs” or “divers do it deeper”.

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