Pointless Babble

Only 40% ?? Amazing. Genuinely newsworthy.

10 Responses to Pointless Babble

  1. Sean Carroll says:

    That was my reaction. I suspect systematic error.

  2. Tony says:

    Bit like saying 40% of social research states the bleedingly obvious.

  3. Can’t help it,
    It’s the truth

  4. Twit says:

    LOL RT @andyxl Only 40% ?? Amazing. Genuinely newsworthy.

  5. David says:

    I’m eating a sandwich, btw.

  6. andyxl says:

    Anybody else out there finds him/herself staring at that Facebook status update box, finding it impossible to type anything except “I’m on Facebook” ???

  7. JAT says:

    Increasing numbers of outlets, agencies, institutes and individuals release news, documents etc first via mini weblinks on twitter – so it has it’s uses. Handy on the move of course – say if you had a mobile phone or similar contraption! You just block any that put out uninteresting status updates and so on. I think you might be surprised at how big it could get – direct from e.g. business to individual as well as given target audience – it just hasn’t sorted itself out yet.

  8. andyxl says:

    J – I quite enjoyed the GLAST launch twitter, so I do agree there are some interesting use cases. And I can defernittly see how it could be addictive. Zackly the reason I need to steer clear of it.

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