Cardiff Secrets*

I am in Cardiff for a meeting of the Herschel ATLAS consortium. ATLAS is a big open time key project – hundreds of square degrees to S(500 micron)=53 mJy. Matt Griffin gave a general Herschel update. He showed us some pictures which he stressed very heavily could not be discussed elsewhere, or he would have to kill us. And apparently there are other things that he cannot show us at all, otherwise Goran Pilbratt will have to kill him. But rest assured folks its all looking pretty damn groovy and hitting the specs. Two things that aren’t exactly a secret. First, although PACS and SPIRE are working pretty to much to perfection, HIFI is temporarily switched off while they figure out whats wrong. (It will soon get switched to backup electronics). Second, deep images are confusion limited. So ATLAS took the right decision doing a wide shallow survey 🙂

Then at lunch someone-who-shall-be-nameless said how much s/he was enjoying the comments on my blog, especially the recent ELT / ESO funding revelations, and mentioned that the SKA team had discussed whether to pitch in with SKA PR, and took an explicit decision to stay clear. So. Obviously. Anonymous contributions welcome.

Tonight we are trooping off to Cardiff Bay for dinner. As far as I can tell, the restaurant is pretty much right on top of The Rift. So if this is my last post, you’ll know why…

* In case you thought this title meant Walter had told me where the skeletons are, tough. We did converse but no beans were spilled. Do skeletons have beans ? (Please stop now, Ed..)

7 Responses to Cardiff Secrets*

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  2. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t me you were speaking to Andy, but I have heard hot news that cash-strapped NASA landed on Swindon:

    Any ideas who acquired that tattoo, and how?

  3. Mrs Trellis says:

    Dear Mr Lawrence,

    My HIFI is broken too. Can you please suggest where I might get it fixed?

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs Trellis

  4. Lou Reed says:

    What was the name of your band ?

  5. andyxl says:

    Depends whether we are asking about Canterbury or Edinburgh. I think this will puzzle our readers.

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  7. Binder Clips says:

    Binder Clips…

    […]Cardiff Secrets* « The e-Astronomer[…]…

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