Sunday Time Waster Top Ten

I was trying to decide whether to start learning the piano or finish that paper. So of course actually I dipped into Facebook and wasted some time. How else will I know what my kids are doing ? When I got there I found that ex-AstroGridder John Taylor had posted a link to a web site called “AutoComplete Me” collecting amusin’ examples of Google seach-box autocomplete. The web site has some great examples, but you can try it for yourself. Go to Google search, start typing “I like to..” and you get some weird results.

A lovely game. Here are my top ten internet giggle makers :

  1. Fail Blog
  2. I can haz cheezburgr
  3. Man Babies
  4. Barack Obama is your new Bicycle
  5. Google Translator. Well, I tried to turn it into a game
  6. The new entry, Autocompleteme.
  7. Large fish eating duck and its many follow ons
  8. xkcd
  9. Bush or Chimpanzee ?
  10. Getting Globus to work

Feel free to disagree.

4 Responses to Sunday Time Waster Top Ten

  1. 1. The e-Astronomer. 🙂

  2. andyxl says:

    Do you owe me money ?

  3. ellhn says:

    Illuminati Sino-Zionists Columbia and the THUNDERS OF ZEUS

    NASA (petrified with terror) observes the Fleet of the Dragonians and Andromedians

  4. andyxl says:

    I ‘ad one a them but the wheel come off.

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