Translation madness

November 26, 2009

I just came back from Tim Hawarden’s funeral ceremony. Rather splendid affair. Funny stories from his brother and songs from Zululand and Hawaii. The coffin had a wee telescope on. Lots of people. Plenty of tears but even more laughter which was right for Tim.

Meanwhile… just noticed something rather odd. I recently installed Google Toolbar for Firefox. This has all sorts of goodies, including a translation service. (Almost) every time you visit a new web page it offers to translate it for you, into just about any language you want. Its incredibly fast. Meanwhile when you hover over a page, a wee tooltip keeps popping up automatically translating individual words. How does it do that ? Surely it can’t be sending a request to the Mothership for every damned word ??? I was starting to find the tooltips annoying and was on the point of turning off the translation service. But then I clicked through to the ROE staff telephone list, and the top bar said ..

This page is in Danish

Wuh ?? Anyway. No time for mysteries. Off to Tim’s party.