Vizier sees all

Here I am in Heidelberg for another Virtual Observatory meeting. Nice place. Pleasant journey, apart from German Bloke With Kilt at Edinburgh airport. Normally, one sees kilts in two circumstances. First, young Scottish chaps at weddings, ceilidhs etc. Two, American tourists on the Royal Mile. So this was a third category. Hairy German biker type with long hair and earrings who I guess decided it looked tough. Thing is, he hadn’t worked out how one sits politely when wearing a skirt. Either that or he was a very confident chap. Except that he had no particular reason to be so. Oh no, stop, enough ! Don’t look ! Out vile jelly !

Talking of the all-seeing eye, my CDS chums tell me they know about your lunch breaks. The Vizier servers can tell how long a given IP address is connected, and when it comes back. So our Alsatian friends know how long you have for lunch. Apparently it is very clear that the Spanish have the longest lunch breaks and the Brits have the shortest…

4 Responses to Vizier sees all

  1. Thomas Boch says:

    Has someone tried to correlate (anti-correlate ?) the lunch break length with the number of refereed papers ? ;-

  2. andyxl says:

    Good question Thomas, and by the way congratulations on becoming a daddy

  3. Thomas B says:

    Thanks Andy.
    I hope you enjoy Heidelberg.

  4. Bill Keel says:

    Last I heard, the Galaxy Zoo servers show that most users in Europe click during the local afternoon and most in North America click in the evening. Amateur sociological analysis can reach a variety of conclusions. Just so long as they keep on clicking.

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