Vanity Publishing

Non-bloggers may suspect that blogging is a kind of modern vanity press. Of course the good thing is that those nice people at WordPress don’t charge me any money. And you even get flattering extras, that readers don’t normally see. Every day I get comments posted that say “Hi, fantastic post, you are so perceptive writing. Is amazing blog and I am linkings to my own blog. Keep up good work !” For some bizarre reason these pleasant messages consistently get stuck in my spam filter. Weird though, if you click on the links you end up at some very strange web sites. Probably this is a mistake which is why WordPress remove them.

Anhyoo, this morning my “Stay of Execution” post got a comment which simply had a terribly relevant link to a story about 250 Geese not being euthanized after all. I love these small town stories. Some old chums of mine used to have a press clipping from the Melton Gazette stuck on their fridge, with the wonderful headline “Nine hurt in pudding fracas”.

So. Sorry for the drivel this morning, but its my blog, so there. Where’s my vuvuzela ?

One Response to Vanity Publishing

  1. Megan says:

    You can borrow mine…! (acquired at CAP2010 in Cape Town)

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