Italian science crisis update

A few weeks there was serious worry over the possible closure of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics, INAF, which I blogged about here.  It seems the immediate panic was over, as the Government pulled back from closure, although they are still planning to cut positions drastically.

However, it seems there is still very serious worry in the scientific community in Italy overall about the government’s plans and intentions. I got an email alerting me to a website where you can sign a petition. I just did that, but I reckon they need a lot more.

You youngsters might also want to know that there is a Facebook Page for friends of Italian Astrophysics.

Meanwhile, here is another interesting contribution to the related UK debate – a BBC blog post by Susan Watts called “Can Science be an engine of growth in an age of austerity ?”

3 Responses to Italian science crisis update

  1. While the folks involved have my sympathy, one has to ask whether signing a petition will actually do any good:

  2. Ron says:

    I know a brilliant philosopher and astronomer who contributed a lot in the field of astronomy and philosophy. He’s name was Guillermo Haro.
    Guillermo Haro was very famous, and at the same time, very influential in the development of astronomy in Mexico, not only because of his own astronomical research but also by helping in the promotion of the development of new institutions for astronomy. Moreover, he defined modern astrophysical research in Mexico where he paved the way to various initial lines of research and established general scientific policies.

    • andyxl says:

      Ron – Guillermo Haro was a fascinating man, and important astronomer. A little while back I visited his Mexican observatory, and wrote a post about it here

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