UKIRT output : best ever

March 17, 2011

Just had a fun day in Milton Keynes. No, really. I have been here today giving a seminar but also had some very interesting chats, and got a tour of the Planetary Sciences Research Institute, where they have lots of fun kit. I must admit I was a bit perturbed when Simon Green showed me a historical piece of equipment in a glass case and said that it had Colin Pillinger’s lip marks all over it. He then explained that he meant that Colin had blown the glass tubes himself.

Anyhoo, got back to my hotel to find a most marvelous email from Gary Davis, Director of JAC. It seems that UKIRT, that ancient useless telescope that clearly we should have closed by now, produced more papers last year than ever before. Check it out here.

Hem. Just a tad to do with UKIDSS of course…