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September 28, 2011

Woke up slightly earlier than expected. Shall I get up ? Not sure. Time for a shower. No, wait, cup of tea first. Or maybe coffee. Or… aaggh help somebody just tell me !

Here I am in Swindon again, slogging through mountains of astronomy grant proposals. No leaks, no hints, you know the drill. You will have to wait until after Science Board. But it will not surprise you to hear that it is a difficult and stressful process. Halfway through yesterday I suddenly recalled a conversation with me lovely daughter Zoe who told me of something she’d read about the links between will power and decision making, and how we all have a finite reserve of daily decision making capability. You can read opinions about this all over the blargosphere, but I think the source is a New York Times article . Apart from getting irritated whenever the word “energy” is used, I quite liked this.

At the end of the first day last week seven of us trooped off together to the local Chinese. We slumped into seats around of those round tables. I guess we looked kinda glazed. The waitress looked at us and said “would you like me to order for you ?” I needn’t tell you the answer, but will let you picture the look of gratitude that beamed out from all of us.