Greek Astronomy Trouble

Here is another astro-funding crisis… The National Observatory of Athens is apparently threatened with a 30% cut in state funding, and convert it into a private institution. There is a petition you can sign here. (I was alerted to this via a tweet from Astronomy Blogger Stu.) I don’t have any more detail.

NOA is five institutes in one, doing much more than regular astrophysics, including the rather groovy NESTOR underwater neutrino detector.

I suppose given the dire problems Greece is in, this is not an entirely surpising development. But it is very depressing and extremely short sighted. Science and technology is investment for the future, not luxury expenditure.

I signed the petition.

5 Responses to Greek Astronomy Trouble

  1. Ross Collins says:

    I can’t help thinking that a better show of support would be for the Greeks to pay their taxes…

  2. Cue the standard objections to slacktivism.

    Is the NOA less inefficient than many other aspects of Greek society?

  3. […] oplegt. Ook het NOA zal moeten bezuinigen, maar dan wel over een eerlijker budget. Bron: The e-Astronomer. Deel deze […]

  4. F. Lykou says:

    I understand your concerns. I am Greek and my generation (<30yo) is trying to resolve the problems we've inherited. As a former student of a Greek university, I know how the educational system works and the plethora of its faults and was "advised" to change country for better chances in further education/employment. Nevertheless, there is no reason for our government(s) to slam one of the few active research institutes in the country, when it could just save money from another source.

    Thank you for signing the petition.

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