STFC : White Smoke

It seems the Cardinals have completed their lock in and we finally have a new CEO for STFC : John Womersley, aka Wommers. I shan’t mention the dark rumours I had been hearing before this announcement. Telescoping Peter has already emitted a post, but I got to this late as I have been exploring deepest Drenthe all day. More of this anon.

Meanwhile. Well. Dead pleased. JW is an occasional contributor to this blog, so he’s obviously a fine chap. And he has excellent taste in boots, if a something of predilection for dark shirts.

As the STFC announcement explains, Keef is orff early to levitate the space sector, or something like that.

Enough from me.

13 Responses to STFC : White Smoke

  1. John Womersley says:

    Unfortunately the boots have had to be withdrawn from use, having basically fallen apart – I obviously need to get out to Texas and stock up again…

    • ian smail says:

      john – given AXL’s occasional predilection on his blog for new age philosophy… do you have a personal credo for STFC that you would be willing to share with us? ian

      • John Womersley says:

        Having had my taste in footwear and shirts dissected here already, I am not sure I want to share anything like a personal credo. But I did like this tweet from earlier today, which seems like a good goal:

        twhyntie Tom Whyntie
        MT @JohnWomersley: at Central Hall, Westminster today, taking on THE MAN in the name of SCIENCE.

      • ian smail says:

        that works for me!

      • andyxl says:

        I fear we may re-run the ending of Henry IV Part II. Prince Hal, realising his new responsibilities as King, rejects his rowdy friends from his old drinking days, and spurns Falstaff in public.

        Likewise, the problem with being The Man is that you can’t Stick It To The Man anymore.

      • John Womersley says:

        now there’s that new age philosophy, Ian!

  2. andyxl says:

    Welcome oh great one. You might be too much of a dangerous radical to be allowed into Texas these days.

    • I grew up in Texas. A bit more than 20 years ago, I visited there with my then girlfriend. At the airport, the border patrolman (in a big cowboy hat) examining our passports looked at them then back and forth at us. He: “Are y’all married?” We: “Err, no.” He: “Are y’all gonna get married soon?” We (after a short but uncomfortably long pause): “Maybe”. Longer pause, finally let us through.

  3. Albert Zijlstra says:

    Sounds like the first task will be deciding what to with Shared Services. The national audit report our today is ‘interesting’ (“the overall net present value may be negative.”). The only things that exceeded the overspend is the under-achievement on savings. And still it recommends continuation I’ll never understand government.

    I would take issue with their statement that the grants function provided by Shared Services works – SSC caused us a lot of trouble -and significant extra work- by sending out misleading emails to referees and there didn’t seem to be any way to stop it. Good luck, John.

  4. Mrs Trellis says:

    Dear John,

    Your attempt to raise funds for the Keith Mason Home for the Bewildered is a noble cause, and it has my full support.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs Trellis

  5. andyxl says:

    I’m glad I am not called John. One would be getting “Dear John” letters all the time

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