The Mac Plus lives

April 10, 2012

The sad story of the Exploding Mac  has a happy ending. Not just those groovy signatures … Number Three Child and I couldn’t see any burned out bits. Methinks maybe something in the hard drive went bang, not the beast itself … I wasn’t watching that closely. So we booted on the floppy … it worked ! Then for reasons I can’t really explain, I reconnected the hard drive and tried again .. it worked too !! Well… so now I have no idea what went bang and smoked … but everything is working perfectly.

Of course this leaves me nervous that it will explode again sometime soon. So I thought I should film it in action first. So there follows a wobbly grainy movie that only the diehard Apple Nuts need watch.

If it keeps working, I suspect I may get hooked on Glider all over again.