Euclid officially official

Maybe you all thought Euclid had already been selected. Well sort of. Yesterday the ESA Science Programme Committee  “adopted” Euclid, so its now officially official and all systems go. Here is the Beeb story.

I am on the Euclid consortium and must get round to doing something useful sometime. I am just realising it should be rather groovy for transients so maybe something in that line. I like big flares of the sleeping black hole variety.

Of course being on the Euclid consortium is not altogether special. There are about nine hundred of us.  I think I read somewhere that it is the biggest astronomical consortium in the history of the Outer Galaxy or something like that. Is this a good thing ?

3 Responses to Euclid officially official

  1. Mark Taylor says:

    Gosh yes there are a lot of you aren’t there. The grid of institutional logos on that Euclid web page reminds me of the Million Dollar Homepage. Does Euclid have a similar funding model?

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