We are all preparing ourselves mentally, of course, for the Great Higgs Announcement on Wednesday. For those who wish to know the answer so far – have we found the Higgs or not – the answer is here. V.pithy.  If you want to know what that nice Mr Willetts thinks, try the STFC version. If you want the Bluffers Guide, try the Ben Gilliland version.

But there are deeper mysteries than the Higgs Boson ! Why is this hard hatted worker so calm in the face of a flying saucer over Edinburgh ? Or is it a kind of decapitated Dalek ? ROE entries not allowed of course.


Aparently we HAVE found the Higgs. Woohee !

Also, we could have saved a few billion because you can BUY one here.

Wommers was rather good on Beeb Four I thought. If I heard correctly, he seemed to say that now we have done that, its dark matter and dark energy next. Roll on Euclid ! And Boulby ?

11 Responses to Mysteries

  1. Martin E. says:

    Clearly vastly larger than the dome of St. Paul’s, so another Scottish attempt at one upmanship? [Not all that pretty though. What’s that, Brunelleschi never replied to your emails?]

  2. “But there are deeper mysteries than the Higgs Boson”

    Yes, such as why women often go to the public toilets together at restaurants etc. “Madge, I’m going to freshen up.” She doesn’t even have to add the “Want to come along?” since the question (and the answer, “Yes”) is obvious. Have you ever seen that happen with blokes?

    • telescoper says:


      • andyxl says:

        Well there’s blokes and blokes. Most blokes positively avoid going to the toilet at the same time, because they don’t particularly want to look at each other’s equipment. I guess there are two exceptions – those fortunate enough to have generous equipment they like the world knowing about, and those that are interested in said equipment for healthy biological reasons.

        Anyway, there are deeper mysteries still, such as where all the biros go.

  3. […] the ongoing bout of Higgs-steria that’s been engulfing the interwebs in recent days. Even Andy Lawrence got there ahead of me.  What’s caused all the commotion is an announcement about an announcement from CERN at a […]

  4. Since neutrinos can travel faster than light, one can peer into the future and see what actually will happen at the conference:


  5. John Peacock says:

    The mystery with biros is not where they go, but where they come from. Nasty blotting relics that should have been made redundant long ago by nice fibre-tip ink pens. And yet every time I go to the stationery cupboard, it’s full of the blasted things.

  6. Paul says:

    Oh, the path of e-science is strewn with cow pats:

    Jad Marrouche ‏@havewefoundit
    Laptop battery dead, has server private key. How do I update Hmm…#higgs

  7. andyxl says:

    Courtesy of Jess Skelton, here are some Higgs jokes for you

  8. Duncan says:

    I guess that’s farewell to the 20″ lid. Chap seems quite adept at levitation; I suppose he’s using an iPhone app or summat. Either that, or a bit of Blackford Hill breeze.

  9. andyxl says:

    Not farewell to the lid. Farewell to the 20″. Just had to lift the lid to get it out !

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