Glory of Love Variety Box

Telescoping Peter just cheered up my Saturday (don’t ask) by posting a lovely Humphrey Lyttelton version of the Glory of Love from 1955.  It’s a well covered song, and I find it fascinating how different the many versions are. Inspired by Peter, here is a wee collection of my favourites.  (Sorry in advance about the ads … fact of life on Yew Toob these days)

(1) The version that I think was first, by Benny Goodman in 1936

(2) Next up, the bluesman version – good old Big Bill Broonzy from nineteen forty something. Love this.

(3) Now, the jazz fan collectors item : Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee. On the same TV screen. At the same time.

(4) Next, the soul version : Otis Redding 1967

(5) Now, the hippy hero version : John Martyn, 1974

(6) Kool Dude version : Keb Mo 1997

(7) Paul McCartney, 2012. A bit on the corny side, but you can’t not have Macca.

There’s more, but mostly a tad on the soupy side and not to my taste. There is also a rather dull song with the same name by ex-Chicago chappy Peter Cetera. Don’t bother.

For my money, its Big Bill number 1 by head and shoulders; then Goodman, then Martyn, then probably the Humpty Dumpty version.

One Response to Glory of Love Variety Box

  1. Gary Davis says:

    Two of the links didn’t work for me (Redding and Keb Mo) but the rest are fun. My vote would be Big Bill then Benny. Oh no I just realised we agree…

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