Science in spending review : story so far

Quick off the mark Beeb summary here. The real McCoy here, for patient readers. (In standard government fashion, much blether and very repetitive…)

Headline (1) Science budget flat cash.  Could have been worse but not exactly good.

Headline (2) Capital budget increased – extra 500M 2015-16.

Detail (1) Increased capital budget is

…enabling significant investment in projects including autonomous robotics, Big Data, and major upgrades and new facilities at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus


Detail (2) : MRC budget apparently not moved to Department of Health.

Most important point… just the beginning boys and girls. Research Council carve-up not yet announced, and maybe not even fixed. Fate of QR (see Peter’s blog post from yesterday) and student finance etc still unknown. Gird your loins and buckle up your breastplate.

3 Responses to Science in spending review : story so far

  1. Albert says:

    Science funding is presented as’flat cash’. But percentages increase/decrease elsewhere in the CSR are ‘in real terms’ The conversion seems to be ‘flat cash = -1.8%’. Where the science budget is said to be ‘protected’, students grants (also flat cash) are stated to ‘represent a savings of 60 million’. Again converting: ‘the science budget represents a saving if 83million.’ Doesn’t sound quite the same as ‘protected’.

  2. Good job inflation is still low, eh? Even so, five years of -2% is -10%…

    • Albert says:

      Salary inflation has been lower than this. Of course, we don;t yet know what STFC will do with this settlement! There is still the problem of Diamond.

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