UKIRT extension

UKIRT fans will be pleased to see the announcement here

As UK astronomers will know, UKIRT was slated for closure in September this year, but STFC invited proposals for new operators. The good news is that they have two serious bidders. The bad news is they won’t complete negotiations by September. The good news is that STFC has taken the sane decision to extend UKIRT operation through to December while this process continues. The even better news is that University of Hawaii has swallowed the legal responsibility. (For a suitable one off capital transfer methinks…)

UH also swallow responsibility for JCMT. But that has another year to work things out…

Anyhoo. Tally Ho 🙂

Update : it seems the news is even better than we thought !


Update next morning : damn. STFC got tough againukirt-not-2103

5 Responses to UKIRT extension

  1. davecl says:

    If you can hold PC World to misprinted prices quoted online, can we hold STFC to that extension date?

    • andyxl says:

      No, but maybe Wommers can hold Gary’s feet to the fire. BTW, should mention that @Canspice was the Tweeter who alerted me to this delight.

  2. Bill Keel says:

    UKIRT it ain’t, and we’re late to the party but accustomed to making over decommissioned instruments – it’s looking very promising for our SARA consortium to be operating the JKT at La Palma remotely starting some time next year. Coming soon to a living room near me. Or even my office, since sunset there is a civilized noonish here. (We are not among the UKIRT bidders. Thought about it for maybe 15 seconds, observed too many digits in budget).

  3. Bill Keel says:

    Well, yeah, been there, done that during long-ago years as an honorary Dutchman, But if funding means the choice is remote ops or no data, I’ll take it. I can sit in my den and simultaneously get data at KPNO and CTIO. Or watch two sets of clouds and maybe fire up a DVD.

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