10 Responses to Impact!!!

  1. Judging by the lack of comments, this post has had little impact. 😐

  2. andyxl says:

    There have been a couple of comments on Twitter but not in the actual blog comments stream. Ain’t that a sign of the times. But thanks for the joke, Phillip.

    • “There have been a couple of comments on Twitter”

      As I said, no impact. 🙂

      Maybe instead of bibliometry, funding agencies will in future count the number of tweets.

  3. Sarah says:

    Philip – maybe they will indeed….http://www.altmetric.com/whatwedo.php

    • Sic transit gloria mundi.

      • andyxl says:

        Wuh? Who was the glory of the world? You speak in riddles sir. Much like our ESRC colleagues.

      • Riddles? Moi?

        The glory was the time before twitter. To paraphrase Don Knuth, Twitter might be OK for staying on top of things, but I want to get to the bottom of things. 🙂

        It’s an interesting concept, but difficult to digest (pun intended) and the signal-to-noise ratio is rather low. It also serves as a bullshit multiplier, with decades-old “wisdom” suddenly “trending”.

        As someone who has run his own VMS cluster for almost 20 years, I am clearly no Luddite (or, perhaps, this is the proof that I am—sic transit gloria mundi). Yes, many aspects of the innertubes are good (I even met my wife there), but all that glitters is not gold. Not every fart is a breath of fresh air and not every tweet is music to my ears.

      • andyxl says:

        Don’t quite understand the visceral reaction. You seem to be criticising Twitter for something it doesn’t try to be. There is a place for ephemeral gossip and a place for slow thought. You seem to be attacking your own man of straw.

      • I agree; to every thing there is a season. If Twitter is purely for ephemeral gossip, then one can just avoid it if desired, as I do. No problem—different strokes for different folks. However, when “ephemeral gossip” starts being counted among impact factors, something is wrong. It seems like the impact pundits are using Twitter for something it shouldn’t be.

        For me, it’s just a question of efficient use of time, becoming more important as the Big 5 rears its head on the horizon. I prefer to spend the little time I have on Earth writing blog comments (and perhaps soon even my own blog), on usenet, and writing for The Observatory (dig those old-style numerals!) rather than ephemerally tweeting or reading tweets. (And, of course, I have several off-line lives I attend to as well.)

        If you have 1000 CDs, and listen to one per day, you will be lucky if you can listen to each one only ten more times before you die. Life is too short to follow twitter!

        Speaking of tweeting, who better for that than the Byrds?!

  4. Albert says:

    Lack of comments may be because this is a minefield. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Gobbledegook may serve a purpose: it hides the reality.

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