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This is my old blog site, which stopped activity in 2014.

My personal website is now at

The sidebar on my front page has a relatively short list of some favourite and/or useful links. Here is a slightly longer collection, with some explanation of what these beasties are. Slight updates : June 2009.

Working Astronomer Blogs

There is a slowly growing list of blogs by working astronomers. On the otherhand, some are slowing down in posting rate ..

We are all in the Gutter : a new shared-blog with some interesting posts.

Dynamics of Cats : Stein Sigurdsson at Ohio State. Lots of interesting posts but also funny. I like funny.

The Astronomy Blog : Stuart Lowe’s blog at Jodrell Bank. One of the very first astronomy blogs. Stuart has a more general web site, Strudel.Org, and a more standard Home Page. Stuart works on Planck.

Chris Lintott’s Universe Chris is an Oxford researcher (galaxies, astrochemistry) but also co-presenter of Sky at Night. He is one of the leaders of the rather marvelous Galaxy Zoo.

Leaves on the Line is an erudite and fascinating blog by well known cosmologist and CMB pundit, Andrew Jaffe, from Imperial College.

In the Dark is a blog by equally erudite cosmologist Peter Coles, from Cardiff. Keep up with the ballet and the football as well as comology. Peter is posting very frequently.

The AstroStat Slog A group blog dedicated to all things statistical. Now thats what I call fun.

Star Stryder is Pamela Gay at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) … she is into RR Lyrae stars.

Nebulium on Neith is Brown Dwarf Pundit Adam Burgasser at MIT. Seems to be slowing down, which is a a shame.

Sarah Askew is  Sarah Kendrew, an instrumentation researcher in the Netherlands.

A Pacific View is a blog by Tom Kerr, a staff astronomer on UKIRT on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Tom likes Novae and is a UKIDSS stalwart.

Orbiting Frog is a fascinating and diverse web site with bloggy bits by Cardiff PhD student Robert Simpson, mastermind of the .Astronomy Conference.

Traction Lobe is a blog by Alberto Conti at STScI. There is quite a lot about Sky On Google Earth, to which Alberto has made some important contributions. Update : seems to have disappeared and Alberto has lost the domain..

Exploding Galaxies is Dave Strickland. Dave just lerves starbursts and superwinds.

Professor Astronomy is Kurtis Williams, an astronomer in Austin Texas.

A god called Fred Great title but erratic posting. Started stopped started and stopped. Come on Fred, I enjoyed reading it at least.

astropixie is Amanda Bauer, a researcher at Nottingham. That woman got some weird pictures on her blog.

Astro News and Journo Blogs

Most of these sites are secondary sources – aggregators, news spreaders, commenters etc, but they are full of beautiful stuff.

The Bad Astronomer is one of the very first astronomy blogs, and probably the world’s most popular. Phil Plait is an ex-pro, who used to work at Sonoma State, but he is now a full time writer. Phil’s site is a proper blog and an astro-news site all in one. You get lots of news at Phil’s site, but also a very personal style, lots of humour, and some campaigning. He is so relentlessly skeptical its almost a religion.

Universe Today is a very lively news site run by Fraser Crain. I think Fraser has a day job in the software industry somewhere on Vancouver Island.

Sky Mania is one of my favourites, a pro journalist site run by an old school chum of mine, Paul Sutherland. Paul used to be the science correspondent of the Sun (no really) and is now a freelance astro-journalist and cottage industry.

Tom’s Astronomy Blog I don’t know who Tom is, but its a great site…

Astronomy Cast This is a Podcast by Fraser Cain of Universe Today and Pamela Gay of Star Stryder.

The Jodcast. Really Really good. Check it out.

astronomy is a newsy blog by C.Marchesin in Brazil.

Will Gater’s Science Writing and Astronomy Will used to work on the magazine Astronomy Now but is now a freelance writer.

Quasar9 Dunno who this is, but more fun and pretty stuff. Calls himself  “11D space surfer”. Hmmm.

Amateur Astronomer Blogs

There are probably about eight gazillion of these. Here are just a few I have drifted across and/or like.

davep’s astronomy This is Dave Pearson from Lincolnshire, an active astrophotographer and lively blogger.

The Way I See it (aka astrogeek) Jeff Burton’s blog – very nicely done and full of information, news, observing logs, astro help etc. Also notable in that it is not done with standard blogging s/w, but with a database and PHP scripts.

Vern’s Weblog A well known resource giving the Sky This Week. Vern has been at it for years and great amateur astronomy resource. Somewhere in Denver I think.

Through a Glass, Darkly is a blog and resource site by Alan Nelson.It has lots of cool stuff and software including an online mini sky-viewer. Last post was Feb 2008 – hope it re-activates. Update : still stuck at Feb 2008…

astroblogger is Ian Musgrave in Australia

Blog-like resources.

Sometime soon I will make another page with general astronomy links … but here a few that are dynamic rather than static things ..

Jonathan’s Space Report compiled by Jonathan McDowell at CfA. A complete list of worldwide space launches twice a month. How does he find the time ?? Amazing. A unique world resource.

Cosmo Coffee A Forum for cosmologists. Lots of users. Deadly serious but full of lively stuff.
All the Astro Blogs A comprehensive list of astro-blogs by Mundhir.

20 Responses to More Astro Blog Links

  1. Martin E. says:

    Jonathan is also deep into a complete technical history of spaceflight in MANY volumes. I think the USSR tomes are complete. Answer: he doesn’t drink! In fact Jonathan is shockingly vice-free. Chocaholic is pretty much it. & no kids. that helps a bit (!)

  2. Martin E. says:

    There’s also Stein Siggurdson (OSU) ‘Dynamics of Cats’. Lots of pithy up-to-the-minute astro-gossip, and random stuff. He gave a talk on blogging at CfA, that’s how I know. Apparently he takes advertising U is paid (a bit) for his blogging!

  3. Martin E. says:

    For really pro-X-ray folks there’s Keith Arnaud’s (GSFC/UMD) ‘XSPECtor” blog on XSPEC and related issues. Very technical, and so useful. A new way to do software documentation, and an interesting experiment.
    [ps please fix my html – i must have it all ****-backward..]

  4. Stuart says:

    Oh no. Everyone will now know who I am.

    By the way, Ian Musgrave actually lives in Australia, not New Zealand.

  5. Hi Andyxl !

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  7. Yes, it’s shameless self-promotion, but under the amateur astronomer category, there is also my “Laurel’s Pluto Blog” at 🙂

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  9. immojenseds says:

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  10. andyxl says:

    Talking of translation …

  11. […] interwebs is full of blogging astronomers […]

  12. PSU!
    Not OSU!
    This is an error of religious proportions.

    Unfortunately Elvis has left the building…
    I’ll forgive him the egregious misspelling if he promises to come to the Aspen Workshop this summer.

    • Martin E. says:

      Sorry Stein! How can you tell I’m not that up on the Big 10?
      Have just compared SNOWPAC to Aspen; Aspen wins, but SNOWPAC is promising. We will surely come to Aspen this summer, for as long as we can!

  13. Hi,
    Would you be able to add my blog to your list
    The blog is mainly focussed (pardon the pun!) on promotion of my book as well as some general astronomy comments. Its going to be re-designed over the next few months to peak interest.
    Many thanks

  14. Mundhir says:

    Dear Professor Andy Lawrence,

    Just to inform you that I’ve done some changes in my blog. Please update the link located in your blog at:
    -More Astro Blog Links>>Blog-like resources>>>
    All the Astro Blogs A comprehensive list of astro-blogs by Mundhir.

    The new link is ( )

    Clear Skies,

  15. Crna magija says:

    Very useful list. Tnx.

  16. Hi
    I am new to blogging and have just set up an astronomy blog and i was wondering is you would’ve like to do a backlink trade. My website is I foyu are intrested please email me back at

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