Sci Blogs

This is my old blog site, which stopped activity in 2014.

My personal website is now at

Here are some more blogs and website links of a more general science-y nature. There are squillions of these of course, so this is a pretty random selection..


Cosmic Variance One of the first science blogs and still one of the best. A multi-author blog, with a lively readership.

Three Quarks Daily Very broad culture/science/arts/politics blog. Its an aggregator, i.e. collects articles from other places, but its all top notch stuff.

Letters to Nature Another multi-author science blog. V.erudite. (My daughter once asked me what erudite means. I said it describes the kind of person who knows what erudite means.)

Pharyngula : blog by infamous sceptical biologist PZ Meyers. Richard Dawkins favourite blog. I think I read somewhere.

Corycia. One of the more obscure classical references… This is Hywel Owen, who used to work at Daresbury, but who has moved on to better things.


Space Weather : news and info about the Sun-Earth environment. Keep up with the latest solar flares and when to see the ISS.

New Scientist Space Section.

BBC Science News

Space Links : lots and lots of ’em

Space Politics and NASA Watch : cos sometimes the most important orbit is the Beltway.

Cosmic Log : Space-y news from NBC journalist Alan Boyle.

The Daily Galaxy Multi-author Smorgasbord of science newsy stuff.


Woz.Org Steve Wozniak’s web site. The cure for  Apple brainwashing.

Engadget Keep up with the latest boy-toys.

Cringely’s Pulpit Bob Cringely has been writing a blog for years before anybody invented blogs. The oldest and best IT-industry-insider type blog. Usually funny and spot on the money. But .. gulp.. he says he is going to stop soon.

The Daily Ack : Our very own Fluffy Bunny Alasdair Allan in Exeter. Read this if you really are a geek.

Internet Duct Tape : I have soft spot for this geeky blog, as it gave me my first guest blog-spot, which zoomed my ratings up.

Scobleizer : industry-insider-type-blog from Robert Scoble.

BBC Technology News.


lol science Bizarre science-y version of the v.popular “I can haz cheezburger“. Look, I can’t explain, just have a look.

xkcd. Just absolutely the best comic on the net. Some days you don’t get it. And other days you are helpless for several minutes.

Recycling Sheep. Well Hell I don’t know. I just like the idea of being cross-linked with a blogger who is obsessed with knitting.

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