Mon ordinateur a ete cassee

June 1, 2009

Lessons I have learned this week. (i) Hold on to your laptop. (ii) Brush up your French. (iii) Never let your kids get hold of your work computer.

I have had emails asking if I am on holiday, as there haven’t been any blog posts recently. Well no, I have been in Strasbourg at the bi-annual IVOA interoperability shindig. Normally this wouldn’t stop me posting, but the first day I was there I dropped my lovely Macbook on the floor and as a result was without email for several days. I did get it fixed at an Apple store while still in Strasbourg, which stretched my Franglais considerably. (“Je crois que le disque dur est completement buggered”). However the automatic restore from my Time Machine failed, so I ended up with OS X 10.5 speaking French and had to figure out which library files to move one by one to recover my app settings and printer drivers and unix-y bits. My Mac was still speaking French in various unexpected circumstances until I took it to the Palo Alto Apple Store Genius Bar where a guru who looked like an enormous biker did some voodoo. He also spotted why my Time Machine restore failed : the name of my hard disc had changed back in February but nobody had told Time Machine as it were. Ah yes. I remember. Number four child (eight years old) borrowed my laptop to play Flash games on some website and when I got it back, my hard disc had been renamed “ererer”. He couldn’t quite remember how he had done this but I thought it was funny so I left it. Hah.

But at least its stopped me getting more depressed about STFC cuts.

Oh and the food was good. Just for Tony ….mmmmmm… Baeckoffe.