Time Loop Chaos

December 1, 2009

New experience this morning. I talked at a conference by remote video link. Its the first time I’ve given a talk sitting on my bed. Appropriately the conference in question was .Astronomy-2009, held in Leiden. (Thats “dot-astronomy”.) I was sorry not to be there, as I have never been to Leiden, it looks like a fun meeting, and it claims to be an un-conference, which is a bit Lewis Carroll. You can follow the meeting on Ustream and on Twitter.

This turned out to be much harder than I expected. I had sent them a PDF of my talk, and called in by skype. So far so good. The organisers suggested I follow my own talk on Ustream so I could see when my slides changed. However… this turned out to have a three second delay. As a result my own voice was overlapping itself in the most gharssly manner and it was hellish hard to concentrate. I suspect I sounded like a complete buffoon. My kids tell me I was loud as well as stumbling, and apparently sounded like Ron Weasley’s Dad on the telephone.  Hopefully the written words made some sense.  If  you want to see the PDF, I have uploaded it to my ROE page.

Meanwhile, I have a link for all those people who over the years I have heard complaining that Swindon is the most mind-numbingly boring town in the world, with the possible exception of Newport Pagnell. In fact, I will have you realise, Swindon is at the very bleeding edge of the internet revolution.