Youth, Energy, and Riches

September 17, 2008

Its student orientation week at Stanford. The streets are lined with map-wielding parents and students waving banners that say “Welcome to Stanny !!” and such-like. The arrival of students seems to have increased the black population of Palo Alto greatly (from zilch to a weeny bit) which is an interesting and pleasant surprise. The Stanford Daily has re-started, and I picked this up on the way to grab some coffee. First article right up there at the top was about two Senators trying to investigate how much money Rich Universities really have and whether they should be spending rather than hoarding.

It seems that Stanford’s endowments total $17.2 billion.

I came over all queasy.

I think that’s even bigger than Harvard’s pot full of filthy lucre  ?

Oh, so … what would you do with $17.2 billion dollars ????