HST scramble

March 3, 2010

Friday night I got my HST proposal submitted, with various chums.  Very pleased. Reads well. Obviously excellent. But it seems HST is just a tad competitive. I knew this of course, but it just got driven home to me when I got an email requesting feedback from all Cycle-18 proposers. Well…. here is the address list for this email. Jeez. Maybe I coud form a club of people who have never tried to get HST time and we could all meet in the back room of the Stoat and Ferret without having to stand up.

Wednesday evening edit : list of names removed. For anybody who wants to know, it was about four screenfuls long. Lots.


HST, Soft Machine, and the Vanity Press

December 9, 2008

I’ve been too busy trying to write a proposal for the HST Cycle-16 Supplemental Call to think about blogging. If you didn’t know about the call, tough luck, its too late… And for those like me who thought, hey lets go for it cos it came out at the last minute, so nobody has had time to think about it … think again. Judging by the number given our draft submission, everybody else had the same idea… rats.

To keep my spirits up while sweating away, I have indulged one of my guilty secrets – searching for early Soft Machine clips on YouTube. I can guarantee nearly all of you will hate it, but 5% of those over 50 will genuflect. It gave me an idea for a post which I will think about when the proposal is in …

Meanwhile, I seem to have gotten my first blogger vanity press mail shot. I got an email today that says

Hi. I wanted to let you know that your blog, The e-Astronomer, has been selected as one of the web’s best blogs by the editors of Regator.com, the most selective blog directory on the web. Each blog featured on Regator is hand-selected and reviewed by an editor to ensure that its content is topical, original, well-written, and frequently updated.

It is then put into one of nearly 500 channels covering topics as diverse as beekeeping, neuroscience, books, and pop culture. This makes it easy for mainstream audiences to find high-quality posts on things that interest them. Regator’s What’s Hot List gives an at-a-glance summary of what the astronomy community is discussing right now and is a great resource for bloggers and academics.

Please let your readers know you’ve been selected by visiting http://regator.com/#badges to download a badge for your site. There is NO fee involved and you don’t have to take any action to have your blog added to Regator’s directory–it’s already there.

We know your content has value, so we aggregate your titles and summaries, but our users must click through to your blog to read the full text of your posts. In this way, we hope to drive traffic to your blog and expand your audience.

If you visit our site and find it useful, we’d be extremely grateful if you could help us spread the word by mentioning Regator on your blog.

Congratulations and welcome to Regator! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

All the best,

Kimberly Turner
Co-Founder / Editorial Director

Only trouble is when I visited the site, my posts were hard to find, on account of bloody Phil Plait writes a new post about once three millseconds.

Seems to some kind of new aggregator / feed reader. Haven’t quite seen what the advantage is compared to using Bloglines or just reading feeds in Mac Mail.. Anybody a fan already ?

Spooky Space News

October 23, 2008

I am getting emails that are telling me that HST, Chandra and XMM were all down at the same time ..

Mike Watson tells me contact was lost with XMM on Saturday… but it has been regained today.

Martin Elvis said :

“I was working Saturday night for a Monday talk & Pat Slane was doing the same, when he got paged (as Top Mission Planner) that Chandra had gone into Sun Normal Mode (ie perpendicular to sun)….

Hubble we all knew about, but I saw Rodger Doxsey at STScI (which is where I was going Monday), and he told me about the 24h of good side B ops, followed by a glitch that they are still debugging. Incremental start-up of side B systems going well; options of cross-patching sides A,B exist; >15yr old spare undergoing check-out at GSFC for SM-4 (=major reason for delaying launch).”

Martin later said, noting the closeness to Halloween :

“Cue Twilight Zone music.”

To which Mike’s response was :

“probably due to LHC switch-on, which also precipitated major global financial instability as we all know”

Hey, is Fermi ok ????