August 8, 2008

Yesterday I complained how complicated America is, with all these damned choices … but sometimes its more straightfoward. Within 24 hours of establishing a new phone line here in my rented house, I was getting nuisance calls. “Hi ! My name’s Alan. How are you today ?”. “I’m fine, thank you kindly. Bye.” This happens every evening around seven. Its when they know you will be in I guess.

Anyway … so soon after getting a phone number, its completely obvious that it’s AT&T themselves that have sold my phone number and details. None of this nonsense about protecting your privacy or wondering whether its because you filled in a survey three months ago etc. Just part of the deal. We give you a phone number, and we arrange for some other folk to phone up and sell you stuff. Very simple.

If you get me in the pub one day, I will tell what happened a few years back when I wasn’t quite so polite to cold callers …