Help fund leukaemia research

April 24, 2009

You may remember that before Christmas, Oxford astronomers were selling sky survey plates to help raise money to help save Alexander Thatte, the child of two of their colleagues. Alexander lost his battle in early January. His parents have now decided how they want his life commemorated. They have set up a fund within the University of Oxford that aims to support a 3 year studentship (leading to a DPhil) in research into the causes of childhood leukaemia. If they raise enough money this year, the first studentship could be advertised for the next PhD round.

If you want to contribute, here is the link :

An even better cause than saving our telescopes !

Make yourself feel good

December 10, 2008

I am at least fourth off the blocks here … but I recommend you go visit , get a piece of history, help a very sick child, and give yourself a nice warm christmassy glow. The basic idea is selling framed prints from old Palomar Sky Survey plates, to raise money for Alexander Thatte, the son of two Oxford astronomers, who is battling leukaemia, and whose last chance may be a new anti-body treatment. I haven’t met Alexander, but his parents are lovely people and they all deserve a break.  Apparently there are even copies signed by Jocelyn Bell Burnell … oooohhh

Old plates really are beautiful …  like a few other locals, I rescued a few glass positives from the non-survey part of the UK Schmidt collection, and a lot more went to the local art school .. but framed prints for charity is a great idea.

Visit the web site and do something.