We are burning

May 26, 2012

Somebody “liked” my latest post today that I had never heard of called Hovercraftdoggy. I did a curious click through the way you do, and it turns out to be an absolutely wonderful photo-blog, so I liked them back. (Warm glows all round). Seriously though, check it out. The latest is We are burning and possibly my favourite is Up Side Down. Half of them make you laugh and half of them are just beautiful and half of them do both.

Walking Through Time

January 31, 2010

The wordpress “freshly pressed” front page currently has a link to a blogpost with some very fascinating and temporally confusing pictures. The blog is called Pillar Box Post and the post is question is “Looking into the Past“. It showcases some of the best examples from a Flickr Group of the same name. The game is to overlap an old photo with a modern photo of the same scene. All of the pictures are interesting, and some of them are downright spooky; people from the past walking down modern streets. Check it out and you will see what I mean.

It reminded of something I heard about at a recent local IT workshop : Walking Through Time. This is a hookup between Edinburgh IT people and folk at the Edinburgh College of Art. The idea is to combine GPS and old maps to make an iPhone app that shows you a map of oldy Edinburgh at your current location. So you can stare at your phone and walk those ancient streets.

Its not quite ready for airtime yet, but watch this space. Could be big.

Explorers of South Kensington

October 19, 2009

If you nip along to the Royal Albert Hall (a tad tricky for my US readers I realise) you will find my mug adorning the walls, along with 43 other UK astronomers. We are all part of an exhibition called “Explorers of the Universe“, constructed by photographer Max Alexander. For a pleasant change, its not all the usual gaudy pictures and patronising astro-guff that we feed the Public, but instead a collection of rather quirky portraits of people who actually do this stuff. To those of us who are in it, it is clearly an enterprise of considerable taste and interest. Those of you who aren’t may of course feel free to point out what pompous twits we all now look.

If you don’t have the time to get to Kensington, you can see all the pictures at Max’s website. (Mine is in this section. Look for the skeleton hand. X-ray. Geddit ?). Some people look better than they do in real life, and some don’t. Steve Warren looks like he has just been shot by a 1967 vintage Dalek. Alan Watson did the lying-in-the-gutter thing and looks very cool, but probably needed to get his coat dry-cleaned. Carlos Frenk looks very mysterious, in a kind of 1970s album cover kind of way. Brian May looks like … Brian May.

Anyhoo. Now they know how many … oh do I have to finish that ?

Big Island Bloggers

April 19, 2009

The skies are clearing on Mauna Kea … I am getting some good data on UKIDSS at last. While those twenty minute queued observations are trundling along, I have been catching up on local blogs. There are quite a few blogs on the Big Island, but I have found three astro blogs. The first is A Pacific View which is already in my More Astro Blog Links page. The second is A Darker View .  The third  is Adventures in a lightroom . His pseudonym is Mirmilant, but I think this is another UKIRT staffer, Antonio Chrysostomou. All of these blogs have great photos, but Mirmilant’s are absolutely stunning, and he has another web site with a gallery of photos. Check it out. Jeez, I wish I could do that.

Is there something in the Hawaiian water that turns people into photographers ?