Wednesday Morning Trivia

September 3, 2008

Recently a couple of people have suggested posts for the blog. In a wee while I shall try out the Problem of the Black Hole that Destroyed the Earth …. but first a light hearted quiz, suggested by old chum Alan Penny. No I am not going to get you to guess who the Watcher is. Actually, its not really a quiz, more of a pub argument thing, started in St Andrews.

Which British Astronomer has made the most important single contribution since the discovery of pulsars in 1967 ?

Apparently up there in Golf-Land no clear consensus emerged, and for some strange reason Alan thought the readers of this blog might have interesting opinions. As a prompt list, below are all the RAS Gold Medallists since 1967 who were British Astronomers or who worked in Britain. (Note there is a fuzzy area between the Geophysicists and proper Astronomers…)  Those who have a candidate who is not on this list may wish to take note of the next RAS award nomination deadline.

House Rule. Only votes for please, no votes against. Most of the people below and other potential candidates are still working and might even have a PhD student who reads the blog …

The Gold Medallists.

71 Richard Woolley
75 Ernst Opik
76 Bill McCrea, John Ratclife
79 Charles Wynne
81 Bernard Lovell
82 Harrie Massey
83 Michael Seaton
84 Stanley Runcorn
85 Stephen Hawking
87 Martin Rees
89 Ken Pounds
90 Bernard Pagel
93 Donald Lynden-Bell
01 Hermann Bondi
02 Leon Mestel
05 Carole Jordan
07 Len Culhane, Nigel Weiss