Grant mechanism review

September 1, 2010

As most readers will know, I am currently chair of STFC’s Astronomy Grants Panel, but have avoided blogging about grants business as it doesn’t seem appropriate, and unseemly lobbying may take place etc. But I thought I should draw to your attention that a review of grant review mechanisms is currently underway, and STFC are running a public consultation. The deadline is quite soon – September 6th, otherwise known as the coming Monday. His Darkness has also plugged it, and explains a little more.

So. Anyhoo. Better talk about something else. Errmm.

Ah yes. Just finished reading wonderful book – biography of Dirac written by Grahame Farmelo : The Strangest Man. And he certainly was. But some of them other quantum heroes were pretty weird too. The book is full of lovely little gossipy tidbits. Apparently Ehrenfest trained a parrot that he could take to seminars that would say “But gentlemen, thats not physics”. Even stranger, Oppenheimer was so jealous of Blackett that he left a poisoned apple on his desk. No really.

Ahh, we live in the age of dwarfs.

And in the age of thinking the unthinkable.