Poolside Perseids

Mostly since arriving in Arizona I have gone to bed early and gotten up early. This fits in well with the jetlag, but also means you have several hours in the morning when its bearable to be outside. (105 degrees this week).

However tonight I made an exception because it seemed the right thing to stay up late and watch for Perseids. I am obviously not alone, because the great Twitter meteorwatch was so popular it crashed the server. It was also a popular idea amongst meeting attendees today, and indeed the done thing was to watch the meteors floating on your back in the hotel swimming pool. With a beer.

Could have been you, Keith.

Anyhoo, must go to sleep now.  Up bright and early for the Blandford Show.

11 Responses to Poolside Perseids

  1. Monica Grady says:

    I, too, went outside last night to watch the Perseids. Came in again very quickly – completely overcast, and raining. Such is life.

  2. richard wade says:

    Correspondents on your previous post clearly overlooked the “beer on your back in the pool in Arizona” benefits of astronomy funding 😉

  3. Ross Collins says:

    That has to be the most perfect way to watch a meteor shower – I find lying on my back in the soggy, tick-ridden British countryside generally puts me off the activity.

  4. Alex murphy says:

    Reminds me of a wonderful evening just outside a nice town called Sonama somewhere in the sw US. Loads of meteors, warn, good wine. Excellent company.

  5. Michael Merrifield says:

    Clouded out last night, but the night before enjoyed a quite impressive overture of Perseids against a backdrop of the Milky Way from a hot tub in deepest darkest Cornwall. Bubbles and shooting stars make a great combination!

    • Monica Grady says:

      And an horrific image….

      • Michael Merrifield says:

        In our defence, it was very dark and the hot tub really is in the middle of nowhere, so we were unlikely to have offended anyone with our own display…

  6. Rob Ivison says:

    Perseid watching was a beer-in-hand outside Grey-Horse-in-Balerno experience for me, peering through gaps in the clouds, after a long muddy bike ride along the Water of Leith. I’m sure it beats the heat of Arizona, but perhaps not the hot tub in Cornwall.

    Back to the Decadal… interesting but not surprising to see the US adopt a very different set of priorities to the UK in all things submm/radio.

  7. Mrs Trellis says:

    Dear Mr Andrews,

    Who is this Percy Id that everyone keeps talking about?

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs Trellis.

  8. Tom says:

    It was a clear night here and I actually went out to watch the Perseids. After 30 seconds of high winds and freezing temperatures, and perhaps having seen one meteor, it was back inside to a warm control room and Thor’s sneezing.

    I won’t do that again in a hurry.


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