Reasons to be grateful

March 21, 2012

Flame on.

So. NHS bill passed. Pointless privatisation of various other things on the way. I choose the word “pointless” carefully. I firmly believe some things should be privatised and believe in enterprise and competition. Sod right and left. How about some pragmatism?  Health Care? Railways? Police? Roads? How dumb can you get ? Government should provide an infrastucture that allows enterprise to flourish on top, not artificially slice up an infrastructure so that it can be milked by people who wouldn’t know competition if it bit them in the arse.

Flame off.

Time to cheer myself up. As I travel the globe, I found there is some wondrous thing to be grateful for in every land I visit. Below are some things various cultures have donated to the world. I dare say you have your own list.

  • USA : turning right on red. Genius.
  • France : the gamine. From Jeanne D’Arc to Audrey Tautou
  • Germany : Scwheinhaxe. Could eat this all week.
  • England : Cricket. Totally weird sport, but strangely fascinating.
  • New York : Woody Allen movies. Yes I know I already did USA, but New York is a separate country.
  • Italy : Motherhood. Definitely invented in Napoli.
  • Armenia : the Markarian Survey. Changed my life, squire.
  • Wales : Eve Myles. Is there anything else ?
  • Spain : Churros and chocolate. Addicted.
  • Japan : Kobe Beef. Its SO expensive there is no danger of me wasting my money
  • Netherlands : Bicycle lanes
  • Scotland : Uisgeagh

OK. Time for some proper work.