At last my cynical ploy works

So a few weeks into blogging I was wondering how you get readers, and noticing how the Web is full of conspiracy nuts. Then I remembered how someone once suggested to me (many moons ago) that the ultimate science headline would be “Black Hole killed Dinosaurs – says Princess Di”. Right I thought, cynical Google fodder coming up. So I writes me a post full of bizarre invented stuff about Princess Di, Elvis, Dinosaurs, MI5, and Jade Goody. Not a sausage. Nary a view on that post. For months. Then lo ! Today FINALLY someone entered “Diana killed by MI5” into Google and found my post …

Will this spread ? Will I really start a theory that Diana was killed by Elvis Presley ?

One Response to At last my cynical ploy works

  1. Mckenzie says:

    Okay, I am not so sure about how well your conspiracy will work– but you did get a great laugh out of me when I read this post.

    heart. mckenzie.

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